Dish Smart Home Services Mobile App

AVAD and Dish TV teamed joined forces with Buena Digital to empower the mobile workforce. The result? Dish Smart Homes Services.

Dish Smart Home Services


Among their many relationships, our client, AVAD, has a long term ongoing partnership with Dish TV. Part of this close, working relationship allows AVAD to think of new ways to offer their catalog of electronic goods at discount prices to Dish’s customers which is a win-win for all involved. It allows AVAD to get their products in front of more people, while at the same time, providing Dish with another avenue to equip their customers. 

In thinking about what they could do to make the whole experience better and smoother, the idea came to AVAD to better empower Dish's mobile workforce with a custom mobile app. This brand new app would let Dish TV installers offer their clients a convenient way to review and purchase electronics right in the comfort of their home on their own schedule. The app needed to be modern, with a clean, easy to use, un-intimidating interface. But beyond that, it also had to be robust and cutting edge, with the ability to order multiple items with multiple quantities, among other things. AVAD has been an ongoing client of Buena Digital, and knew they had the right team in place when they partnered with Buena again to handle everything from the strategy, to design, to development and launch.


Once the initial brief was in place, Buena Digital got busy doing what they do best. They started collaborating to clearly define the features, goals, and timeline, including creating full mockups and wireframes to make sure everything was headed the right direction. And as always, they kept a detailed eye on the overall focus and simplicity of every moving piece. Now, Dish’s mobile workforce all have company sponsored Samsung Galaxy S5’s out in the field. This smartphone allows the installers access to Dish's proprietary portfolio of enterprise apps - all created to enable the smooth and efficient servicing of their customers. 

Knowing the Galaxy is a powerful mobile device, Buena knew they could build a great app leveraging the Material Design Language on the Android device. So as a foundation, Buena created a custom-made API to power the application that interfaces directory with AVAD’s MAS 500 ERP system. This core functionality allows installers to quickly browse products, show customers detailed specifications for the products, and lets them email PDF documents, as well as really quickly facilitate the purchase process with cutting edge visual credit card scanning, and digital signature capture with the ease of the client using their fingers to navigate.


This app is in the very early stages of a full internal rollout, and so far has met with resounding positive feedback. The winning combination of a simple and clean interface coupled with the fast checkout, make use of the app feel completely unobtrusive and seamlessly integrated into the customer service and support experience while out in the field. This completely custom enterprise-grade mobile app is already driving success for the Dish TV and AVAD partnership — and their business bottom line.


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Android API v23, Samsung Galaxy S5, ASP.NET API, SQL Server 2005, Sage MAS 500