4 Reasons to Build a B2B Mobile App

Posted by Tim Ballard

Are you trying to develop your company's B2B digital strategy for 2015 and beyond? Maybe your boss just told you yesterday you're presenting that strategy to your CEO tomorrow? The easy way out would be to present your business case as to why your company should be working on improving your website’s SEO, or developing email marketing campaigns. While those methods are tried and true, safe web strategies, is it really going to move the needle? No, it’s not. You know what will? Presenting a digital strategy that focuses on creating B2B mobile apps will definitely move the needle and here are 4 points you can use to make your business case.

  1. Improve Internal Processes & Productivity
    Are your employees on the road often? Are they working with clients out in the field? If so, design them a mobile app that will help improve their productivity. You can save their account info within in the app to make it easier for employees to quickly view sales numbers or process internal requests.
  2. Taking advantage of native tools (Camera,GPS etc.)
    One of the best arguments to design a mobile app is to give your users additional functionality that they can't access using your website. There are several features that you can incorporate into your app using the phones native tools. Allow users to access their camera and take and save pictures in your app, or you can also use the camera as a bar code reader or credit card scanner. Take advantage of GPS because locating a store is the most likely activity among smartphone shoppers (76 percent).
  3. Custom app for an Event or Trade Show
    If you host any type of event you can create an app to engage your audience. Users can download the event app to create their own customized agendas, network with other users via social media or ensure they don't get lost by allowing their devices GPS to access your events map.
  4. eCommerce
    Many companies only sell to other companies, but many of the strategies used to sell to consumers are the same. Offering coupons for mobile users only is a great way to drive traffic to your app. 80.4 percent of shoppers said their perception of a retailer would improve if the retailer offered mobile deals and coupons. There was over $2 billion dollars in sales on Cyber Monday 2014, and Seventy-five percent of mobile shoppers redeemed a coupon from their mobile devices in 2013.

Building a high quality B2B mobile app is a great way to increase employee productivity, increase sales and engage your customers. What are you waiting for?

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