What is SaaSPro You Ask?

Posted by Todd Mueller

We are working hard on wrapping up development of our newest product called SaaSPro. What exactly is SaaSPro you ask and what can it do for me? That's a good question and I will describe what SaaSPro is, who it's for and why it exists.

What is it?

SaaSPro is a .NET software kit that contains the necessary websites to jump start your next SaaS software project. The SaaSPro kit contains three websites needed to run your site. (Note: The images posted below are only examples and may or may not represent the final design.)

Main Site

This website is where customers learn all about your product and subscribe to your service. Recurring monthly payments for clients are handled by Stripe. 

Administrative Site

The administrative website manages all of your customers, subscription payments, reporting (MRR, LTV, Churn Rate), and health of the applications. Everything you need to manage your SaaS business. 

Customer Site

Last but not least is the tenant website that customers will log into their account and use the actual product.

All of the necessary parts are in place to jump start development of your SaaS business. There is no need to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours getting to a place before you can focus on the actual business problem you are solving.

Who it's for?

We created this kit for ourselves initially. We wanted a kit that could allow us to bring SaaS product ideas to market quickly. Wouldn't it be nice to turn around our ideas into viable products faster? Absolutely. We have some interesting ideas we will be exploring and SaaSPro will be the building blocks for these products.

Over time we realized this would benefit our clients. This kit coupled with our experience in building SaaS products benefits the client in many ways. We have learned a great deal in building these products and can share what we have learned in our joureny. What are some of the things we have learned?

  • Keep it simple!! If something hints at complexity, continue to refactor it into the simplest way possible. Always be thinking about minimum viable features.
  • Azure Cloud services is your friend. Don't fight the cloud, embrace it. Leverage it.
  • Automate as much as you can, within reason.
  • Set goals and timelines to when you want to accomplish something. This also helps with #1 (Wouldn’t it be cool to add this feature in? Yes it would but how much longer would this feature push back the launch? Uhh, scratch that.)

Do we have plans to sell this kit? Possibly. If there's enough demand for it we could turn it into something that could be purchased by indiduals or companies. 

Why Did We Create This?

SaaSPro grew out of the frustration of trying to find a viable .NET SaaS kit. We found a really nice one built in Rails called 'SaaS Rails Kit' (nice work guys!), but nothing worth mentioning in the Microsoft Stack. This was surprising actually. Once we launched eReferralPro, I decided to move onto building SaaSPro. The reasoning behind building this kit is that we could leverage it for our own SaaS products that we want to create. 

My goal for Buena Digital is to continue to provide outstanding work for our clients while building out our own products. The idea would be these products would generate some recurring revenue each month separate from our service work while gaining knowledge of walking the walk. That's the goal at least. 

So that's the 'What', 'Who' and 'Why' of it. Make sense? I hope it does and maybe get's you a little bit excited like we are. What do you think? 

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