What’s Your Roadmap Look Like?

Posted by Todd Mueller

You have a roadmap, right? ;-0

Roadmaps, we love them when we were driving, when we use products (justifies why we use them) so why don’t you have a roadmap for your product or service? Not sure, you say. I get it. Roadmaps are hard when you’re treading water right? I felt the exact same way until I was forced to do this with creating NurseReferralPro, our latest SaaS product. I was forced to do this because NurseReferralPro was and is completely bootstrapped. Hard decisions are made when there is a direct line from features you want/need to your wallet. Things get real. Quickly.

Since creating a roadmap, I have been able to get a better handle on what features are going into what version and when against the available budget.  Items we thought were a priority (in our minds) were not necessarily what is most important to the end user, so we killed that feature. The mindset is, it’s going to cost $XXX, does this make our product easier/better for our clients? The roadmap starts to take shape, so does our clarity and how we can execute. 

What happens if features and goals shift underneath us? Things never go as planned, but you can pivot and adjust the roadmap, so the path is clear even in uncertain times.

Now that the roadmap is much clearer, growth engines now come into focus and the planning behind them. Easy? No, but necessary for the survival of your product or service.

Category: Business , Product Management