DISH Smart Homes Services App AVAD and DISH TV joined forces with Buena Digital to empower the mobile workforce.


Buena Digital's client AVAD has a long-term, ongoing partnership with DISH TV. As part of this close working relationship, AVAD offers their line of consumer electronics to DISH customers at a special discount. The relationship with DISH allows AVAD to get their selection of products in front of more people, and it gives DISH an opportunity to offer state-of-the-art equipment to their customers.


DISH and AVAD wanted to make it easier to offer DISH customers AVAD’s line of electronics. With DISH’s large field work force – the installers who interface with customers on a daily basis – AVAD saw an opportunity. So, they reached out to Buena Digital for a technical solution.

The Buena and AVAD teams discussed the options and determined that a mobile app was the right solution. The app needed to be modern, with a clean, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface. But beyond that, it had to be robust and cutting edge, enabling installers to order multiple items in multiple quantities quickly.  


Buena created a foundational custom-made API to power the application, which interfaces directly with AVAD’s MAS 500 ERP system for special pricing. This core functionality allows installers to quickly browse products, show customers detailed specifications for those products, and lets them email PDF documents to the customer. In addition, the app can facilitate the purchase process with cutting edge visual credit card scanning and digital signature capture in real-time. In addition, it allows the customer to use the touch screen to easily navigate through steps.


Buena designed and built a fully customized, enterprise-grade mobile app that has empowered DISH installers to sell products in the field. Now, DISH’s mobile workforce uses the app with company-sponsored Samsung Galaxies in the field.

The winning combination of a simple and clean interface coupled with fast checkout capabilities has resulted in a better customer experience and an increase in incremental revenue for both DISH and AVAD.

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